Various project news

Hello to all our new project members. I would like to announce some of the work we have done these days:
1. We have installed a demo version of our project. The demo version may be accessed with the following urls:
admin panel
customer panel

2. We are making progress towards the creation of a communiy web site. The web design is ready and you can review it at The comunity web site will include:
Jira bug tracking system, Confluence for wiki, vBulletin for forums. The menus are accessible so you can have a look at the future content.
3. We are closing to our next beta release. Most probably it will happen on monday.
4. This point is about our new members. It was accepted that a project consil will be created. The project consil will be responsible for desiding the future of the project. It will decide vote what features will be included in the core product and will decide the general politics of the project. Who will enter the consil depends on your project activities and how successully you integrate in the team.


Posted by Alex Petrov 2008-12-13

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