faceCart1.0 BETA is here!

Thank you for you interest and support. Beta version is here, source code is published under the cvs and in download section.
Please use activly the forum system, spread the word of mouth so to keep this project alive and active.

faceCart is complete AJAX java 5 EE e-commerce platform. It provides the user with unmatched agility, speed and user experience of UI. This shopping cart system was created in the patterns of oscommerce in order to feed the java comunity with open source alternative to the well known php based carts. Face Cart is extremely scalable e-commerce solution it is deployed on application server. It is a full scale enterprise e-commerce shopping cart. Ajax frontend, Java server faces web server, EJB 3.0 backend.
- progress bars
- real time validation
- ajax navigation
- ajax history managment
- drag and drop
- no page reloads
- auto-complete boxes
- real time image rendering
All this is available by faceCart. The open source e-commmerce shopping cart.

Best of luck.
Alexander Petrov

Posted by Alex Petrov 2007-12-12

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