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faceCart 1.0.3 released!

I am happy to annouce that faceCart 1.0.3 is released. faceCart is ajax powered, java based e-commerce platform.

This build is a major release in every aspect. Bug fixing, new features and more documentation. What is new:

1. Developers manual with eclipse project setup.
2. Newsletters are implented
3. Product notifications, both HTML and Plain/text.
4. faceCart now runs on JSF 1.2
5. Rich text editor is introduced.
6. Our web site is again up and partially ready. Still needs some work. It has new web design and
We are cookig many new cool features there for our community.... read more

Posted by Alex Petrov 2008-12-15

Various project news

Hello to all our new project members. I would like to announce some of the work we have done these days:
1. We have installed a demo version of our project. The demo version may be accessed with the following urls:
admin panel http://facecart.com/facecart.web.merchant
customer panel

2. We are making progress towards the creation of a communiy web site. The web design is ready and you can review it at http://www.facecart.com The comunity web site will include:
Jira bug tracking system, Confluence for wiki, vBulletin for forums. The menus are accessible so you can have a look at the future content.
3. We are closing to our next beta release. Most probably it will happen on monday.
4. This point is about our new members. It was accepted that a project consil will be created. The project consil will be responsible for desiding the future of the project. It will decide vote what features will be included in the core product and will decide the general politics of the project. Who will enter the consil depends on your project activities and how successully you integrate in the team.... read more

Posted by Alex Petrov 2008-12-13

Weblogic port, Resin port

faceCart will be ported to Bea Weblogic 1.x and Resin 3.1. The new builds will be available for download in several days.

faceCart will also be compatable with Bea Kodo, and OpenJPA.

Posted by Alex Petrov 2008-01-22

faceCart 1.0.1(beta) Released!

This is a majour bugfix release. Some of the more important changes are:

Improved AJAX validation most changes are at the admin application.

Configuration->Images is active now
Configuration->Minimum, maxinum values now active
Configuration->Customer Details is active now
DataTruncationException previously reported should not occure any more
Cyrilic is now supported.

and more...

for more details look at the change log.... read more

Posted by Alex Petrov 2008-01-14

Next Release Scheduled

Next bug fix release should be expected between 7 and 10th of January. More info about fixed issues may be find in the bug tracking system.

Posted by Alex Petrov 2008-01-02

faceCart: Maintenance Build Released

face cart is AJAX powered shopping cart presenting unique user experience.e-commerce system designed in the patterns of oscommerce,face cart is Java 5EE e-commerce solution. The shopping cart provides unmatchable speed.Supports all database servers.

It is recommended to download the new Build of faceCart. It fixes several problems related to the deploy process.

1. faceCart should deploy without problems of JBoss4.2.x
2. faceCart is now Jdk1.5 compatable/Jdk1.6 in the previous build/.
3. Install manual updated.... read more

Posted by Alex Petrov 2007-12-18

Jboss 4.2.x install problem

faceCart has been tested on JBoss 4.0.5. A problem with JBoss 4.2.2 has been located. This version of the application server uses by default JSF RI 1.2. In order the application to start, it must be disabled.

A maintanance release should be expected in the next few hours or day at most. Installation guide will be updated too.

Thanks to extazo for location and solution of this issue.

Posted by Alex Petrov 2007-12-16

faceCart1.0 BETA is here!

Thank you for you interest and support. Beta version is here, source code is published under the cvs and in download section.
Please use activly the forum system, spread the word of mouth so to keep this project alive and active.

faceCart is complete AJAX java 5 EE e-commerce platform. It provides the user with unmatched agility, speed and user experience of UI. This shopping cart system was created in the patterns of oscommerce in order to feed the java comunity with open source alternative to the well known php based carts. Face Cart is extremely scalable e-commerce solution it is deployed on application server. It is a full scale enterprise e-commerce shopping cart. Ajax frontend, Java server faces web server, EJB 3.0 backend.
- progress bars
- real time validation
- ajax navigation
- ajax history managment
- drag and drop
- no page reloads
- auto-complete boxes
- real time image rendering
All this is available by faceCart. The open source e-commmerce shopping cart.... read more

Posted by Alex Petrov 2007-12-12

Release Date

Thank you very much fo your interest in faceCart. Expect facecart release on the 2nd of december.

Alexander Petrov

Posted by Alex Petrov 2007-11-18

facecart Demo

The reason for this project is an interactive analogue of gmail to be created in the e-commerce world. Expect release in the early november currently you can check the demo version on our website facecart.com. Excalmation!!! Due to test purposes demo may not always be available, if unaccessable please come back later.

Posted by Alex Petrov 2007-10-11