• Rod Longhofer

    Rod Longhofer - 2007-01-10

    Looking forward to seeing the source. I use cimetrix code on our gantrys, and want to see how I can use your program to read the stl files and translate it to position on one of our test gantries.


    • Evan Malone

      Evan Malone - 2007-01-19

      Source is here! Note that this code sends commands to a microcontroller, which then sends the step/direction commands to the amplifier.  I'll get the microcontroller firmware up soon as a separate module.


    • maor

      maor - 2007-01-19

      Where is the source ? Ca'nt find it ... It's not in code , nore in Download .

    • maor

      maor - 2007-01-19

      OK , found it ..

    • ThiagoPastro

      ThiagoPastro - 2007-02-04

      Hi! I'm trying to conect to CVS to download the files all one time but I don't get it.

      Do you have a tip?

    • Andreas Mohr

      Andreas Mohr - 2007-11-02


      boggles the mind why even in 2007 _anyone_ would still devise creating a new software project in abandoned MFC garbage.
      Choosing to use wxWidgets or Qt or possible even GTK would most likely have been much more comfortable and fully cross-platform-capable.

      OTOH it shouldn't be a very big task (read: renaming and copy&pasting and some more work) porting these MFC parts over to wxWidgets, since that is (partially) what it has been created for.

      Sorry to sound so pessimistic/criticizing/awful, but this is mostly due to having to work with MFC crap (and wx) on a daily basis.

      Extremely interesting project, though :)

    • boatbuilder

      boatbuilder - 2008-07-03

      Can someone please help me locate the source dyoung at ppsc dot net


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