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FAAD2 2.7 released

* DAB+ support
* Use public headers internally to prevent duplicate declarations
* Explicitly typedef all types as signed
* Made sure MAIN prediction can't be started after the first frame
* Lot's of compilation issues solved
* Bugfix in SBR envelope border calculation

Posted by menno 2009-02-10

FAAC 1.28 released

* Prevent out of range scalefactors
* Updated to latest mpeg4ip mp4 file format library
* Added -s option to make the encoder output optimized mp4 layout
* Improved JPEG detection for album art
* Lot's of compilation issues solved

Posted by menno 2009-02-10

FAAD2 2.6.1 released

Release of FAAD2 version 2.6.1
* Updated the copyright header so there is no more confusion about GPLv2 compatibility
* Minor bugfixes
* Third party committed AD Blackfin support

Posted by menno 2007-11-01

FAAD2 2.5 released

FAAD2 2.5 source code is now available from
No big news, just bugfixes.

Posted by menno 2006-08-14

FAAD2 2.0 Final released

Final 2.0 version. Only small bugfixes since RC3.

Posted by menno 2004-02-08

FAAD2 2.0 RC3

The FAAC project is releasing the Release Candidate 3 version of FAAD2 2.0.

These are the changes since Release Candidate 1:

Accuracy increased to 24 bits
30% total speedup
Memory usage lowered a lot
Fixed point decoding speedup
SBR conformance fixes
MAIN decoding fixed
fixes in TNS

Source packages and a precompiled MP4 Winamp plugin are available at the Files section.

(Release Candidate 2 was quickly replaced with Release Candidate 3 after a channel coupling bug was detected in the SBR routines)

Posted by Roberto Jose de Amorim 2003-11-12

FAAD2 2.0 RC1

FAAD2 2.0 is now available as Release Candidate 1. The most important new feature is the support for the HE AAC profile (HE=high efficiency).

HE AAC is the joining of MPEG4 AAC with SBR - the well know technology used in MP3pro - to create the perceptually best audio encoder for low bitrates (less than 80kbps)

Formal listening tests conduced by the MPEG demonstrate that HE AAC offers excellent quality for non-critical listening on bitrates around 48~64kbps.... read more

Posted by Roberto Jose de Amorim 2003-07-30

FAAC/FAAD version 1.5 released

Version 1.5 of both FAAC and FAAD are released. These versions are completely compatible with the MPEG2 and MPEG4 AAC standard.
This is the only AAC codec available for free. Both encoder and decoder come as easy to use, well documented libraries.
FAAD is the fastest available AAC decoder.

Posted by menno 2001-06-06

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