#2 Splitting AAC files?


Hello again. I was directed to this page from the
AudioCoding.com forum, after I made the following

> While I'm here, I'll bring up one other question
> I've been mulling over: Is there any software
> available to properly split an AAC file on the frame
> boundaries, and generate new ADIF or ADTS headers,
> so that continuous recordings (such as the entire
> second side of the Beatles' -ABBEY ROAD-, or any
> live concert performance) could be encoded as a
> single file and then split into separate tracks, for
> the purpose of preserving continuous (gapless)
> playback? Although an audible gap of less than 1/32
> sec. is miniscule, it is still an undesirable
> interruption... especially when one is focused on
> the music. If such a program does not already exist,
> could it be added to a "request list" for future
> development?

In response, menno wrote:

> To my knowledge, this project and Psytel research
> are the only ones actively developing programs for
> ISO AAC. A program like this doesn't sound to
> difficult to create, I could even make it work on
> RAW and ADIF AAC files, although on ADTS files it
> will not require a full decode cycle (just to get
> the byte offsets of the frames, no re-encoding will
> be required).
> Just put it on the request list and you'll see it
> appear sometime :-)

Sounds good to me! Please consider this a formal
request for such a utility, and accept my deepest
appreciation for sending such a swift response. :)

- M.


  • Hans-Jürgen Bardenhagen

    Logged In: YES

    Well, gapless encoding and playback is possible with the MP4
    container since some months (for FAAC, FAAD2 and Nero
    AAC), and Apple's iTunes 4.2 can properly decode these files,
    too, even when tagged. So I guess this feature request is
    almost obsolete in the meantime, considering that the next
    3ivx version (muxer and splitter) will probably allow to cut a
    MP4 file with video and audio at any frame, not only on key

  • menno

    menno - 2009-02-03
    • status: open --> closed

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