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release 1.2

This release incorporates the persistence of declared fortran subroutine and function variables across function calls. For (do) loop variables in ML now have the proper value upon exit from the loop. Other bug fixes as well. More larger examples.

Posted by Benjamin Barrowes 2005-03-22

1.1 was buggy, please upgrade to 1.11

Version 1.1 was embarassingly buggy. Sorry! Please upgrade to 1.11

Posted by Benjamin Barrowes 2005-03-14

version 1.0

f2matlab is now fairly stabe, and can handle much standard f90. In addition to other fixes, this version adds try/catch's so that most errors are caught to become warnings instead.

Posted by Benjamin Barrowes 2005-02-08

0.95 adds read/write implied do loop support

This release adds support for common read/write/print constructs. Much less hand tweaking of IO statements is necessary after using this version.

Also, implied do loops, both for single statement repetitions (e.g. IO statements) and array constructors, are now converted. Much of the time correctly.

Posted by Benjamin Barrowes 2004-12-14

f2matlab 0.81 bug fixes

This release includes some bug fixes including the version incompatibility of updatefunstr_f.m with R13.

If you have specific feature requests, send them along with a concise fortran example.


Posted by Benjamin Barrowes 2004-11-30

that should read "release 0.77"

0.77 is faster than 0.75. Functionality is the same.


Posted by Benjamin Barrowes 2004-06-21

release 0.75

This is ~2-3 times faster than 0.75. Functionality is the same.


Posted by Benjamin Barrowes 2004-06-21

Release 0.75 and SLATEC conversion

This new release fixes a few bugs and enhances the capabilities of f2matlab.m. E.g. common=>global correctly, standalone files are converted easier, and the function interface has been made more general (all fortran subroutine inputs are reproduced as matlab outputs, thus eliminating guesswork).

Also, SLATEC has been mostly converted to Matlab using this version of f2matlab. I have not included the source with this distribution, but a README_slatec file outlines the procedure. Some routines in the converted slatec library need some rewriting due to the presence of goto's, but this can be done on by the user on a need-only basis.... read more

Posted by Benjamin Barrowes 2004-06-15

Release 0.55

This release fixes some bugs. This release also treats 0-indexed variables better, accounting for them in the matlab code. f2matlab translated "Computation of Special Function" routines into Matlab. Find the translation at:

Ben Barrowes

Posted by Benjamin Barrowes 2002-07-08

Release 0.4

This new release fixes many bugs both major and minor. Strings are handled a bit better, more functions are converted properly, etc.

Submit bug reports to:

Ben Barrowes

Posted by Benjamin Barrowes 2002-06-04

Release 0.2

Release 0.1 was incorrectly linked and errors probably resulted. Release 0.2 hopes to fix these and also allows for multiple program units in one file. An example "mcpbdn.for" is included. Send all bug reports to my sourceforge e-mail:

Ben Barrowes

Posted by Benjamin Barrowes 2002-05-23