#2 Parse error message

v1.0 (example)

[Excuse me for my previous, incomplete, post. Sorry!]
Whenever I try to pass a source code written in
Fortran to f2j I get the following error:
"Line 4: Parse error".
I get the same error for *every* souce code in Fortran
I try to compile in Java, regardless its purpose.
Please find attached a sample in Fortran it is
impossible to compile.
I use Linux Mandrake 8.2 and the last version of gcc.
Thanks in advance for your kind help!


  • Federico Grasso

    Federico Grasso - 2002-08-17

    It is a prediction model for satellites or orbiting bodies in general. Same error as above.

  • Federico Grasso

    Federico Grasso - 2002-08-17
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  • Keith Seymour

    Keith Seymour - 2002-08-21
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    To fix the error you are recieving start the continued line in
    column 6. Per fortran spec:

    A continuation line is any line that contains any character of
    the FORTRAN character set other than the character blank or
    the digit 0 in column 6 and contains only blank characters in
    columns 1 through 5. A statement must not have more than
    nineteen continuation lines.

  • Keith Seymour

    Keith Seymour - 2007-06-15
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