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EzyBiz 1.4.0 Released

EzyBiz online business management has released version 1.4.0 which will be the last 1.x version. Still providing ease of use through logical, readable forms with context sensitive help. The next release of EzyBiz online business management will be version 2.0 and will contain Ecommerce.

Posted by John L. Daddow 2004-12-15

EzyBiz 1.3.0 Released

We have been working hard on this one which includes:

Accounting that should work properly including reports.
Point of Sale.
Extensive context sensitive help.
New forms.
Reorganised menus.
Other bug fixes.
Some pretty pictures.


Posted by John L. Daddow 2004-08-03

EzyBiz Downloads Explained

The EzyBiz downloads as at 21/01/04 (Cooroy Australia):

EzyBiz 0.8 - All the scripts and text files.

EzyBiz General Business SQL - Database import for general business package which includes Orders, Billing, Inventory, Purchasing, Payroll, General Ledger, Admin.

EzyBiz Small Trader SQL - Same as general business minus payroll.

Posted by John L. Daddow 2004-01-21

EzyBiz Project Brings Early Praise

The new business management project EzyBiz has recieved praise from initial installers as being "easy to use" and "real nice".

EzyBiz 0.8 is complete business sales chain management for the Open Source, SOHO arena.

Posted by John L. Daddow 2004-01-19