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EZscript v.2007-02-05 released

The most stable version for the moment. From now on, the application will be presented as four separated archives:
* Windows binary (32x)
* Linux binary (32x)
* Windows COM+ library (32x) (NEW!)
(to use abilities of EZscript from other applications)
* Project sources

MacOS X version will be ready for the next release.

What's new:
- New operator added:
* include_once - it check if the given module is already loaded before load it.
- New operation with variables added. To get access to a variable whose name is value of another variable, use an additional $ symbol to do it. For more info take a look at demo_varname_in_varvalue.ezs in the demos folder.
- New function in base.ezs:
* assigned - checks is there a variable with given name defined.
- New comparision operator added: "!=". This operator is needed for those people who wrote in C-like languages and is equal to "<>".
- Two new functions added:
* function_exists - checks whether the function with given name aleady declared.
* function_deinit - removed a function from the list of declared function.
* inarray - returns index of specified value in given array.
* execex - the only difference between exec and this function is the last parameter, it's a string buffer variable to return messages from the errors log. The variable should be initialized as the one for application output. The function is also available on Linux but it won't return any results.
* isint - check given value to be an integer
* isfloat - check given value to be a float... read more

Posted by Max Trushin 2007-02-05

EZscript v.2006-12-06 released

Here are the main changes made for this release:

* A serious bug was found in the application. This bug could show itself while you were using the stringlist object or used pointers to store objects in lists. After corruption of pointer memory structure you can get different errors each time you launch your script, usually the error messages may talk about undeclared variables inside an object method or gives "access violation".... read more

Posted by Max Trushin 2006-12-06

EZscript v.2006-10-24 released

- New 4 function to work with arrays: GetLowBound, SetLowBound, GetHighBound and SetHightBound
- 11 new math functions added: sin, cos, tan, cot, arcsin, arcscos, arctan, arccot, log, hextodec, dectohex
- Improved work with COM-methods:
* Realized functionality of output parameters of COM methods.
* Variant values could be stored into EZscript pointer variables
- Fixed bugs.

Download the new version you can here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=173476&package_id=198706

Posted by Max Trushin 2006-10-26

EZscript v.2006-09-25 released

In this version several bugfixes were made and also a few new features added.

- Functions re-written: f_create, f_open, f_close, f_read, f_write and f_seek.
- There's a chance to get string value of the catched exception. It stores in $exception.lastmsg.

- Functions index project added. It's located at $APP_DIRECTORY$\projects.
- Two new functions added:
* f_copy - copies a file from one folder to another.
* exec - runs an external application.
- To create a new object of any type just write object type name with a leading tilde(~) symbol.... read more

Posted by Max Trushin 2006-09-27