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ezRADIUS commercial is come

ezRADIUS commercial is come, released in beta stage.
You can download it using 'Download->ezRADIUS-commercial' menu.

Posted by achmad zaenuri 2008-05-10

Re-release ezradius 0.2.1 stable

due to errors reported by ispyisail, I've fixed and re-release ezradius 0.2.1stable, please re-download this release because previous release has a lot of errors

Posted by achmad zaenuri 2008-05-05

ezRADIUS 0.2.1 stable

ezRADIUS 0.2.1 stable is released.
Some minor improvement:
-Added NAS table editor
-Added freeRADIUS attribute editor
Now you can add/edit/delete your own freeRADIUS attributes

Posted by achmad zaenuri 2008-04-28

ezRADIUS home is complete

ezRADIUS homepage is complete. You may access it on

Posted by achmad zaenuri 2008-04-16

ezRADIUS 0.2.1beta released

Second release of beta version 0.2. This release is in response to daloRADIUS' creator 'suggestions'

Posted by achmad zaenuri 2008-04-16

ezradius 0.2 beta released

please report if you find bugs/errors
-ezRADIUS 0.2beta released
-new look, new logo, old design
-fixed file permission denied problem
-fixed security issue : user can directly access config.ini and database.ini
-fixed some typos
-new feature : can delete single accounting record of specific user
-new feature : in add new user you can directly attach new user to specified group
-new feature : now cleartext password allowed
-new feature : can view who's attched to specified user
-new feature : can remove a user from his group (by selecting 'None' on editing user-group mapping)
-improv. : 'kick-user' now with radzap, to make sure there's no stalled connection
-improv. : 'user online' list auto update (do some AJAX here)
-improv. : reply and check (freeradius) attributes separated from main file, you can edit/add/delete by editing static-authcheck.php, static-authreply.php, and static-operator.php
-new : added hyperlink to my University site and Sourceforge donation page (I need some money to keep alive ;))

Posted by achmad zaenuri 2008-04-10

ezRADIUS 0.1 Stable Released

ezRADIUS 0.1 stable released. Added some new features and bug fix. Read CHANGELOG.txt for more info.

Posted by achmad zaenuri 2008-03-27

ezRADIUS: initial release

FreeRADIUS and chillispot web-based management. It's easy, simple and expandable. The main aim is to provide wireless administrator a simple web-based management application to manage wireless client. FreeRADIUS must configured to use MySQL as backend.

Beta version of ezRADIUS finally released. This is initial release for testbed and feedback gaining.

Posted by achmad zaenuri 2008-03-19