carl - 2011-09-27

Has anyone had this successfully working?

The file back-status.php which shows user status will not recognise the logged in username. I’m running freeradius 2.2.

This line is what I am unsure of.

sprintf("SELECT * FROM radacct WHERE username = '%s' AND AcctStopTime is NULL", $colname_rsStatus);

Now by default I can login and logout, no problem but back-status.php just shows the ‘no data’ error message.

If I modify username = '%s' too username = 'test’ (a logged in user).  The stats display but the username is ‘null’.

I gather this may have something to do with the cookie not been passed? Yet I can see the cookie is generated in the browser.

Any ideas on what is stopping the username from been seen by back-status.php?