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  • ispyisail

    ispyisail - 2008-03-25

    Hi achmad

    I've created a username and password but it dosn't work

    I can login using my password which i have manually installed into mysql

    When i have a look at the radius database using phpMyAdmin i see i have a new username but the password is garbage.

    Edit    Delete  1      mysqltest      Password      ==      testsecret
    Edit     Delete     4     ispyisail     User-Password     :=     9828b090387f864cfd90fbb73625de

    The first password works but the second password is not the information that i typed in and does not work?

    any ideas?

    • achmad zaenuri

      achmad zaenuri - 2008-03-25

      Oh, thats my bad. I forget to mention that FreeRADIUS must use MD5 to encrypt the user's password AND the user must authenticate using PAP protocol.

      What FreeRADIUS version do you have?

      If you use FreeRADIUS below 1.1.4, then edit /etc/freeradius/radiusd.conf
      line 569 the default is:
              encryption_scheme = crypt
      change into this:
              encryption_scheme = md5
      And the user must have:
              AuthType := PAP
      in their RadCheck OR RadGroupCheck attributes

      If you have FreeRADIUS version 1.1.4 or above, then edit /etc/freeradius/radiusd.conf:
      Line 577 make sure it says:
              auto_header = yes
      in 'authorize' section make sure you list 'pap' last in this section.
      No need to add AuthType attribute in their RadCheck or RadGroupCheck, FreeRADIUS will handle this

      Maybe in the next release I will also post my FreeRADIUS configuration as an example

      Let me know if you still have problems

    • ispyisail

      ispyisail - 2008-03-26

      Thanks, problem now solved

      I suspect My FreeRADIUS is below 1.1.4 because that method worked
      At first i dind't understand your post

      Just to clarify for others reading the post.

      Edit file /etc/freeradius/radiusd.conf

      encryption_scheme = crypt
      change into this:
      encryption_scheme = md5

      Log in "ezradius" with your web browser
      ->Manage->Add->New user-> enter username and password
      Then click ->Add radcheck attribute
      In the "value" field enter "PAP" (leave other fields as is)
      ->Add Attribute

    • achmad zaenuri

      achmad zaenuri - 2008-03-27

      thanks for the clarification!
      I'm sorry that i doesn't come from English-speaking country(I'm from Indonesia), maybe my sentences structure is not understandable. Sorry for my bad English.


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