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  • ispyisail

    ispyisail - 2008-04-15

    Hi Achmad

    Suggestions for getting more downloads

    -You need to set up a basic web site home page (sourceforge is fine). You could use your ezradius home page. When i look for software on sourcefoge the first thing i look at it the home page. If there is no web site the software is usually not very good.

    -You could add the word "Radius" to your project description

    -You could add some some Topics e.g. Monitoring, Internet, Systems Administration, Front-Ends

    • achmad zaenuri

      achmad zaenuri - 2008-04-16

      Oh... OK. thanks for the sugestions. I'll do it step by step.

    • achmad zaenuri

      achmad zaenuri - 2008-04-16

      -ezRADIUS homepage is ready.
      -'radius' keyword added to project description
      -topics added


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