ezQuake 1.9 stable

Today we have released next stable version of the QuakeWorld client ezQuake. Lots of work is behind this version, there are about 120 new features, changes or fixes since the version 1.8 which was released exactly 11 months ago.

Previous release aimed purely on easy configuration and usage of the client, this release is different. It has several big features in various areas. Let's have a brief look at them:

for long time we haven't seen any new graphical effects in the client, but this release changes this
- powerupshells is a nice effect adding a flashing thin layer on players carrying powerups;
- bloom effect: light sources in the game have a decent distorted diamond or globe surrounding them;
- VWEP support: you now can see which weapon the player is holding in hands
+ initial support for luma textures on all objects

Observing features
- significantly improved support of QuakeTV: Chat, better buffering, and many others; this upgrade should be the main reason why to switch to 1.9 as soon as possible because most QuakeWorld matches nowadays are observed via QuakeTV
- teaminfo table for QuakeTV and MVD: one look at it tells you everything about the team you are watching
- weapon stats - old feature rewritten from scratch so that it can be used by observers on QuakeTV
- autotracking - rewritten and added universal "autotrack" command that works everywhere
- demo rewinding

Usage simplification
- use one (currently running) client instance for playing demos, watching QuakeTV or opening qw:// links
- qw:// protocol support - client can be easily configured to open qw:// links that will connect you to given server immediately
- zip, pk3, gz, tar support - add more custom media to the game in these more friendly formats than original .pak format
- modern models have been added as accepted by the client's f_modified models check

Advanced configuration:
- cl_vsync_lag_fix - helps reducing lag of LCD/TFT displays
- teamforceskins / enemyforceskins - helpful teamplay features
- Windows Raw Input - new mouse input method

And many, many many others as this has been just a small selection from all the changes. Great thanks to all the people that contributed to this ezQuake version.

Changelog and credits:
[ http://ezquake.sourceforge.net/docs/?changelog-19 ]
[ http://ezquake.sourceforge.net/download/ ]
Upgrading guide:
[ http://ezquake.sourceforge.net/docs/?upgrading ]
[ http://ezquake.sourceforge.net/docs/?faq ]
[ http://ezquake.sourceforge.net/gallery/ ]

Posted by JohnNy_cz 2008-04-28

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