#468 ezQ broadcast console/service


this information broadcast system would be split in 2:

1) website
The console, where an authorized user can:
* write news
the goal is to broadcast this to ezQuake clients, thru ezquake console. details below. the news can have these attributes: nick, description, start date/time, end date/Time
example of content: "Next sunday, 31Mar, don't miss qw draft 2nd round! games start at 18cet!"
* configure qtv live commentary
The goal is to advertise live commentary (when available) when connecting to a qtv stream. In the website, the authorized user would write the event, the mumble server to connect to, the qtv stream and the start/end date and time.
This information will come to the end user, between the start and end date, when:
* he connects to the specific qtv stream, by printing in the console "live commentary at...", the event and mumble server.
* at qtv.quakeworld.nu, next to the "watch now" button, an image of a speaker, with a link to //mumble live comentary

2) ezquake
about news:
the message would be broacasted between the start and end date/time. it would appear on the console of the client, preceded by a flashy lime "** qw.nu announcement****" (the message is to be read, and not lost between other text in the console). Ezquake would know when there's an unread message on the website, and if the time window is valid. If it is, once the client received the message, ezquake would physically write on the user's harddrive that information, so the same client won't receive the same message over and over.

about live commentary:
when connecting to a qtv server, advertise in the console that there's a live commentary for that specific stream, in a similar way of the news


  • JohnNy_cz

    JohnNy_cz - 2012-03-29

    Every news message would be printed only once? How would a user be able to show already displayed news?

    Why does the commentary have to be bound to a specific stream? I've never experienced a situation when there was a commentary for more than one stream. With this you suggest doing much more work than will ever be needed.

  • mushis

    mushis - 2012-03-30

    Hello, thnks for your comment!

    yea, I think once is enough. i don't think it's relevant for the user to print latest news on the console. This is meant to be a broadcast service only. Also, the news written there are matches related only, the timewindow of that is reduced.

    Hmm, i guesss the commentary doesn't have to be bound to a specific stream, if it is time consuming. For example:
    A live commentary is happening NOW. Every player that connects to _any_ qtv stream will receive the message.
    Sounds ok.
    in fact, it may be good. if a player connects to a qtv stream, it means that he wants to spectate a game. what better game to spectate than the one that is being commentated in real time? yes, it sounds very good! =)

  • dimman

    dimman - 2014-02-06
    • labels: Advanced scripting, macros --> Advanced scripting, macros
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> description's too brief
  • dimman

    dimman - 2014-02-06

    Closing this as the ServeMe solution works fine for this and is supported in all clients.


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