#227 transp tga, indep. conwidth, group bg animation


- better handling/loading of .tga files for charset,
and hud elements. Currently, only the crosshair .tga
file supports semi-transparent pixels. Hud elements
and character sets can only contain opaque or fully
transparent pixels, nothing in between (ie 50%
transparent pixel). This is the reason why charsets
from Q3/Q4/D3 or any advanced charset that uses edge
anti-aliasing looks piss poor in EzQuake. The same
applies to HUD (qw/textures/wad/) elements as

- true 24bpp player skins for teammates, and enemies,
with support of dynamic color application.

- ability to adjust text size in the demo browser. It
is currently locked to 320x200 conres resolution making
it difficult to read longer file names etc.
ultimately the menus need to be rebuilt altogether
(read mouse driven menus) but this would be a great start.

- conwidth, conheight adjustable on the fly in game
with variables, no restart necessary (already in many
other engines, ie fitzquake).

- decouple the relationship between the hud size and
conwidth, conheight so that we can have small console
text, and large huds.

- decouple the relationship between console text and
game text. new variable for adjusting the size of game
text (death messages, server messsages, etc) so that we
can have small console text, and easilly readable team

- easier text color coding vars, ie q3 ^1 ^2 ^3 ^4 -
^16 etc for the primary and most used colors instead of
this obtuse {&CRGBFFF}etc{&CRGBFFF} system (that
creates the colored text lines being split up due to
text lines being flooded with too many characters and
creating line breaks (ask johnny_cz about this bug if
you are unsure).

- gameclock: hud element, new subvariable "show_minutes
0/1". gameclock would only display :ss when set to 0,
for example :23.

- ability to move hud elements partially offscreen.
current system removes any hud element that is 1 pixel
outside of the screen area.

- make possible a new hud element or variable
m_showratestats, thats shows the current rate in hz,
average hz rate, and peak hz rate of your mouse.

- hud element /groupX color subvariable. give us
ability to control the color of the hudgroup. This way
you could have not only black hudgroups but other
colors as well. also dont forget to fix the bug
/groupX picture file.tga (where the .tga file doesnt
exist and the EZQ crashes to desktop) when it tries to
use this as a background for the hudgroup.

- include support for animation states for hud element
/groupX picture subvariable. Ie if you specify
"bg.tga" as the picture, and you have bg.tga, bg_1.tga
bg_2, bg_3.tga ... bg_9.tga in the same dir it will
animate these automatically, as it does on textures for
bmodels already, allowing us to create animated huds.

- you could go crazy with all kinds of eyecandy, but
always leave this to the last. gameplay over eyecandy
100% of the time.

- add in all the features from the entire changelog of
the leaked nextgen fuhquake changelog :-)

-put that lazy bum jogi to work

// def


  • JohnNy_cz

    JohnNy_cz - 2006-09-03

    Logged In: YES

    the last one will be the hardest...

  • JohnNy_cz

    JohnNy_cz - 2006-09-03

    Logged In: YES

    I like animated HUD and mouserate hud element. It'd get get
    priority 7, other ones like 3 or 4 so the result is 4.

  • JohnNy_cz

    JohnNy_cz - 2006-09-03
    • priority: 5 --> 4
  • JohnNy_cz

    JohnNy_cz - 2006-10-15
    • summary: Features that def would like to see in EzQuake. --> transp tga, indep. conwidth, group bg animation
  • JohnNy_cz

    JohnNy_cz - 2006-10-15
    • assigned_to: nobody --> cokeman1982

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