#527 Entities? not drawing

Renderer (50)

Ezquake 2.1 build 3330
windows vista, ogl
nvidia 7300 LE
1.86 core2duo
currently, the bug exists whenever I load quake

So basically, I didn't play qw for a few months, recently got back into it. Made no quake software changes nor config changes, then suddenly I notice items aren't displaying properly, they disappear with distance. Same thing for doors, slides, similar moving actors/things. I haven't updated my gfx drivers in years due to laziness, and the only real changes I can think of is I installed some unrelated tax software on my computer before the problem emerged. I have taken a few screenshots of what is going on to make it a little more apparent. I will try to attach the right config as well, but I am kind of an idiot especially with all this tech stuff, so if you need more info just pm me on quakenet.irc.org nick is mikehail. The attached config is one dimman suggested, with all the variables written, as well as pastebin links to that config and the config I regularly use. Hope this all helps!!



The red armor door on dm2, important to note this door is closed during the shot, in games the entire room is visible from high teleporter area.


The middle lava area on dm2, the floor is being drawn according to distance it appears?


Here you can see the effect on nonstatic items, the health packs appear to be halfway missing, I am guessing this is because the view is originating above ground and the distance threshold that makes it stop rendering is crossed halfway between the object?


In this image on e1m2 the secret rl door is actually fading back into the tunnel and completely disappears from vision when far enough away, which is odd as the other images disappear, instead of sliding backwards with distance.


  • michael groen

    michael groen - 2012-04-20


  • JohnNy_cz

    JohnNy_cz - 2012-04-20

    Try vid_colorbits 32 or gl_ztricks 1 or 0.

  • michael groen

    michael groen - 2012-04-20

    ah thanks, I tried both and both seemed to fix the problem. Is this already fixed then in a newer build?

  • dimmman

    dimmman - 2013-12-03
    • Group: --> 3.0
  • dimmman

    dimmman - 2014-01-09

    Sort of fixed in upcoming 3.0, gl_ztrick is killed and gl_brush_polygonoffset can be manually set.

    Last edit: dimmman 2014-01-09
  • dimmman

    dimmman - 2014-01-09
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • assigned_to: qqshka --> dimmman

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