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v1.0 BETA 2 released

No changes to the build, but everything should work on older computers now. still going to have bugs, so please report them!

Posted by Pat 2010-06-15

v1.0 BETA released

Released version 1.0 BETA, it will have BUGS! please report any bugs you find to me either via support or my email/IM:

You can always get a hold of me at:

MSN: ezJeopardy@hotmail.com

you can contact me for anything, the newest "current source" code, help to use the product, reporting a bug, or if you just want to chat lol
I am usually always on, they only time I am not is when im at college or sleeping =P

Posted by Pat 2010-01-17

Release of Current Sources

I realized that more people are downloading my source-code than the actual program. and since people are doing that they are getting some pretty crappy code!

I would like to announce that i will be release my source code in the regular files downloads (for people that don't know how to browse SVC.) My working code will be in the folder zCurrent Sources (MAY NOT WORK) (the reason i put a z in front is so that it will always be at the bottom!)
naming scheme is simple (date)--(time).zip... read more

Posted by Pat 2010-01-15

New ScreenShot

Just uploaded my first screenshot from v1.0 of ezJeopardy! You may notice it looks almost exactly the same as the v0.5 screenshot, and well... you'd be right, MOST of the the major changes made in v1.0 arn't UI based, they are all under the hood. With the update to version 1.0 tho, the same screen you play from will be doubling as your "create a board" screen!

Posted by Pat 2010-01-14

v0.5 Source uploaded

I decided to upload the source code for v0.5 because that is the main reason I joined sourceforge! (to help, and to be helped with my programming)

The only thing that is wrong with this source-code is i get this error when trying to compile:

Error 1 Unable to find manifest signing certificate in the certificate store. Jeopardy2

note that if you are interested in helping me make the Jeopardy game, but you view the source for v0.5 and are like "oh crap.... no ty!" I am NOT going to be doing the same thing with the v1 source code (ex no comments, weird naming scheme, TONS of variables (i am going to try to make all of those variables into an object))

Posted by Pat 2010-01-13

ezJeopardy v0.5 uploaded

Just uploaded ezJeopardy v0.5 to SourceForge! Please note that this release is very rough around the edges, and is by no means even near complete!

Please excuse some of the language in the default game board (when I made this program over the summer I added in questions that were humorous for people I knew (such as that final jeopardy question)

The source-code for version 0.5 is corrupt, therefore I will not be uploading the source code for it. (luckily i still had the release exe on my flash drive!)... read more

Posted by Pat 2010-01-13

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