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Unfortunately EziaEngine Will Be Delayed

Unfortunately EziaEngine Will Be Delayed!
Because of the global economic crisis, I change the plan about my future. Yes, I believe that it does affect everyone here. I have to pay more time to learn English, math, politics and how to survive in the deteriorating circumstance rather than focus on thchnique of game engine.
Good luck everyone!

Posted by EziaSolsky 2009-04-01

EziaEngine 0.0.8 Released!

A new version of EziaEngine -- EziaEngine 0.0.8 is released!
This release mainy added model loader for physics and graph module, and fixed some bugs. Read README and CHANGLOG for details.
I will continue this project and make a small game demo. After that I may build the Ezia Team.

Posted by EziaSolsky 2009-03-14

EziaEngine 0.0.7 Released!

EziaEngine 0.0.7 Released!
Next I will produce a small game demo based on this engine.

Posted by EziaSolsky 2009-03-08