Ken Winter - 2007-05-11

"The Unenlightened Zopistas Guide to exUserFolder" says that after installing exUserFolder and restarting Zope, "If you go to Folder inside your Zope Management Interface, you should see exUserFolder as a dropdown item near the bottom somewhere."  Where is "Folder" in my ZMI?  What dropdown, down near the bottom of what?

Elsewhere, in Andy McKay's Definitive Guide to Plone (p282) it says that exUserFolder should appear as an option within acl_users/Sources.  I can't find any "Sources" within my acl_users.

I've also looked on the Zope installed products list, and it's not there.  I don't know if I successfully installed it or not, since I don't know where to look for it.

Does my problem have anything to do with this being a Plone/Zope installation?  I put exUserFolder in the Plone products folder, not the Zope/skel/Products folder that is also part of that installation.

FWIW, my system is Windows XP.

~ Thanks
~ Ken