#93 Add (optional) SoundFont support to CoreAudioMidiDrive synth


The Mac OS X CoreAudio synth supports SoundFonts, and this patch enables that support in Exult. I re-used the 'fluidsynth_soundfont' config option (I wasn't sure if it was better to replace that with a generic 'soundfont', or add a separate 'coreaudio_soundfont', or what).

It's similar to the DOSBox patch I submitted here: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3161987&group_id=52551&atid=467234


  • Jason C. Penney

    Jason C. Penney - 2011-03-15
    • summary: Add (optional) SoundFont support to midi_coreaudio synth --> Add (optional) SoundFont support to CoreAudioMidiDrive synth
  • Dominik Reichardt

    Excellent. I'm amazed that it is such a small patch. I've used coreaudio_soundfont option.
    Thinking whether to streamline fluidsynth and coreaudio to just use soundfont, though...

    Many thanks for that. Incidentally someone was asking on the forum just recently whether I could provide snapshots with fluidsynth built in. This is much better :)

  • Dominik Reichardt

    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Dominik Reichardt

    Cince I just merged your patch with Pentagrams coreaudio midi driver, I just wanted to thank you again! :)


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