#89 OS X specific Audio options


On OS X the default midi driver is Core Audio and since you need to select the CoreMidi driver for a MT32 it doesn't make sense on OS X to have the midi driver option "mt32" available for both Default and CoreAudio.

OTOH CoreMidi is only used for MT32, so it doesn't make sense to have any other driver than MT32 selectable. I *think* the midi effects also do not make sense for a MT32 device.

Unfortunately I couldn't make the patch so that CoreMidi settings for the gump display are in the "#ifdef MACOSX" part, probably could need some looking over.

Fluidsynth and Timidity could probably use a special case as well, since they surely don't need a MT32 driver that sends sysex commands...


  • Malignant Manor

    Malignant Manor - 2011-01-05

    Doesn't MT-32 conversion (no conversion) work with CoreAudio (default?)? Changing the vector midi_conversiontext when the text you want removed is not at the end will cause the info to not be saved properly without more coding to work around the issue.

    Are the includes actually needed? I don't see anything added that would need it.

    I've included a patch that should have it working like you want except for the midiconversion strings. It needs changes based on your response.

  • Dominik Reichardt

    Without the includes compilation will fail because coreaudio and coremidi are unknown.
    Mt32 driver is only used for a real mt32 device, so it can be used with coreaudio but it is the same as fakemt32 as sysex commands aren't understood by Coreaudio and a hooked up roland device can not be accessed via coreaudio.
    It's not like Windows where you need to select the device in the cfg and then choose mt32 as driver to correctly use the mt32.
    So default and coreaudio gain nothing by driver mt32, no-conversion is provided by fakemt32.

  • Dominik Reichardt

    Oops... Talking about the includes made me realize that my first patch would break compilation on other systems as the coremidi stuff is not in an idef MACOSX.

  • Malignant Manor

    Malignant Manor - 2011-01-06

    Core Audio seems to send sysex so wouldn't MT-32 be a valid option. Maybe it is bugged with your device or just broken period.
    See CoreAudioMidiDriver::send_sysex

    Chorus and reverb seem to be read by all midi devices, even the emulators, when reading XMI. Although what it works with, if anything is unknown. They might get taken off the menu. I have to get a response from Colourless.

  • Dominik Reichardt

    Just for the record, even though we spoke about this in #exult, CoreAudio does not support external midi devices. So sending sysex is probably a mistake for the CoreAudio driver.

  • Dominik Reichardt

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  • Dominik Reichardt

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