#56 Visual Studio 2008 patch

Jon Doran

The 2/26 snapshot did not build for me under VS2008. The project looked a bit out of date. I compared the project with Makefile.common and made some corrections.

The snapshot now builds correctly for debug and release, tested under XP 64 for a 32-bit build.

I'm not sure what the proper procedure is for submitting patches, and someone on IRC suggested using the forum. Let's see if this works better.

Comments welcome.


  • Jon Doran

    Jon Doran - 2009-03-02

    zip containing patch for vs2008 support

  • Marzo Sette Torres Junior

    Moving to the proper section.

  • Marzo Sette Torres Junior

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  • Jon Doran

    Jon Doran - 2009-03-02

    What is the proper method of submitting a patch? I'm not sure how to do anything other than open bug reports.

  • Marzo Sette Torres Junior

    I just moved it to the patch tracker, which is the proper place. One thing: could you make another patch file? This one seems to be excessively big due to differences in end-of-line characters between the modified copy you made and the SVN version, and I'd like to see if I can use this patch to make the VS2005 solution compile too.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I will look into making the patch smaller. I use the Tortoise SVN client under Windows to
    generate the patch.

  • Dominik Reichardt

    • status: open --> pending
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  • Dominik Reichardt

    since we never received a proper patch, I'm setting this to pending and will eventually close it with "invalid".


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