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Exult Version 1.2 released

After two years of development, we are pleased to Version 1.2 of Exult, the multi-platform engine for playing the classic game Ultima 7. This release contains many bug fixes and gameplay enhancements.

Changes include:

1. Party formation like the original U7.
2. Support for arrow/keypad walking/running.
3. OGG Vorbis music system.
4. Improvements to NPC schedules.
5. Additional paperdoll art.
6. "Scale2X" scaler from Andrea Mazzoleni.
7. Improved combat with pausing, hit display, and targeting.
8. Port to the Zaurus.
9. ExultStudio improvements, including porting to GTK+2.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2004-06-21

Exult 1.1Beta1 released

Exult is a complete game engine for running Ultima 7 on a variety of operating systems, and also includes ExultStudio, allowing you to make your own mods or even completely new games. This release includes many bug fixes and usability enhancements, including combat improvements, OGG Vorbis support, additional artwork, party-formation, and the port to the Zaurus. In addition, ExultStudio has been upgraded to use GTK-2.x, and has had many bugs fixed.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2003-07-31

Exult Release 1.00

After four years of work by more than a dozen developers, and with help from hundreds of users, Exult, the engine that lets you play the classic game Ultima 7 on almost any modern computer, is having its official 1.00 release.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2002-11-07

Exult RC2

With another round of bug fixing, we have release Exult RC2, hopefully our last evaluation release before 1.00.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2002-06-06

Exult RC1

After several weeks of Beta testing and bug fixes, we have provided our first Release Candidate for 1.00. We have fixed a large number of bugs since Beta1, and, assuming no new major bugs are found, hope to release 1.00 with few additional changes.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2002-03-13

Exult Beta

Finally... after about three years, Exult has gone Beta. This milestone means that both parts of Ultima 7, 'Black Gate' and 'Serpent Isle', are playable in their entirety. We'll continue fixing bugs with a 1.00 release as a near-term goal, and will also be working on ExultStudio, which will allow users to create their own games someday.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2001-11-30

Alpha5 released

Many improvements, including a new real-time stats display, MIDI support in MacOS ports, near-perfect dungeon rendering, and a huge number of bug fixes, to the point where Serpent Isle is playable up to the release of the Banes.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2001-08-25

Alpha 4 Released

Exult Alpha 4 is now available, with many enhancements.

* Sepernt Isle Jawbone, Combat Stats, and keyring have been implemented.
* New savegame interface with multiple savegames!
* Digital SFX's have replaced the old Midi SFX.
* Many bugs fixed.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2001-07-02


Many bug fixes, new NPC cheat screen, and new 'paperdoll' artwork for SI-style inventory display in Black Gate.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2001-04-12


The second alpha is available. Improvements include dynamic user-defined key bindings, paperdolls in Serpent Isle and Black Gate, and many bug fixes.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2001-02-10

First Alpha!

We've released our first Alpha, which should allow users to play through the entire 'Ultima7 - Black Gate' game.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2000-11-27

Exult 0.40 released

Release 0.40, with the full introduction screen implemented and greatly improved gameplay, is now available.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2000-08-25

Exult v0.35

We've just release v0.35 of Exult, our multi-platform Ultima7 game engine, with first support for combat.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2000-07-11

Exult Version 0.30

The latest version of Exult, the Ultima7 game engine, is now available at exult.sourceforge.net, with save/load support, improved animations, and more NPC schedules.

Posted by Jeff Freedman 2000-06-02