Hi all,

so what do you think of this?

We are planning to have a release soon. OR at least I'm planning to push for a release as soon as I played through BG and can confirm that I haven't been plagued by the disappearing objects :)
And I think it's best if it's gonna be a full release not an RC. We really should make sure that no one plays with ancient 1.2 anymore and I think many distros will not package an RC version.

Apart from that I think we could reply that we do indeed could use some more fresh developers, with the focus on porting Exult to SDL 2 and then to push it onto iOS and Android.

This is just what I think (release and call for developers), what do you think?

Take care


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From: "Rich Bowen" <rbowen@sourceforge.net>
Subject: Exult project inactivity?
Date: 14. September 2012 17:20:21 MESZ
To: "Dominik Reichardt" <dominus@users.sf.net>, "Jeff Freedman" <jsf@users.sf.net>, "Willem Jan Palenstijn" <wjpalenstijn@users.sf.net>, "Malignant Manor" <malignantmanor@users.sf.net>, "Phillip T. George" <lanica@users.sf.net>, "kirben" <kirben@users.sf.net>, "Patrick Burke" <takhisis@users.sf.net>, "Tristan Tarrant" <nadir@users.sf.net>, "Max Horn" <fingolfin@users.sf.net>, "Dancer Vesperman" <dancer@users.sf.net>, "Ryan Nunn" <colourles@users.sf.net>, "Christian Ohm" <chrohm@users.sf.net>, "jameson" <jameson@users.sf.net>, "Ruediger Hanke" <tomjoad@users.sf.net>, "Aurelien Marchand" <artaxerxes@users.sf.net>, "Marzo Sette Torres Junior" <marzojr@users.sf.net>,
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We've noticed that although your project, Exult,
hasn't made a release in quite a while, downloads continue to be strong.
We're wondering if there's any chance that you'll be making a new release
any time soon, or if we can do anything to help you promote your project,
or bring new developers to it.

Here's some of what we can offer.

If you want to improve the outreach of your project, or you're looking for new
developers to either join or adopt the project to rejuvenate it, we'd be glad
to assist via our Twitter followers (http://twitter.com/sourceforge), or blog
(see http://sf.net/blog/podcast-texstudio for example), or our monthly developer
mailing (e.g. http://sf.net/blog/newsletter-july-2012).

If you believe you might need some help to refine your business strategy, we'd
be glad to assist in that way, also.

We've put together a short list of ways you can help to get the word out about
your project, at http://sf.net/p/forge/documentation/Promoting%20your%20project/
and would love to hear if there's anything we can do to help your project succeed.

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