#156 SI Fixes: Extra jawbone breaks serpent gate

Sean Cusack

There are two duplicate teeth, the bottom-most ones. If you insert both duplicates, even though the other ones are in there, it silently lets you do it. And, in fact, you can then "remove" the teeth, leaving the duplicates still in place. All is good with that interface.

However, if both duplicates are inserted, and the jawbone has a full and complete set of teeth, the serpent gate no longer responds to double-clicking. It's as though it thinks you have no jawbone or no teeth. I teleported into the dark path, and the swirly gates actually closed right in front of me! If i take the duplicate teeth out and put them in the other jawbone, everything returns to normal, the gate works, and all the doors open.

My guess is that it has a check in there for number of current teeth greater than the max number of unique teeth. Good programming, so that it doesn't crash. But hard to figure out.

(I was about to resort to teleporting around instead, but I'm glad I sniffed it out. Thanks to everyone for making this work as good as it does, by the way, I'm really reliving a childhood memory with this. :-)


  • Sean Cusack

    Sean Cusack - 2012-07-29

    Oh and a minor addendum - Batlin's jawbone doesn't "count" as a jawbone at all. If you put teeth in there, they're not recognized at all by the gate or by the swirly doors.

  • Malignant Manor

    Malignant Manor - 2012-07-31

    I think this is all caused by bugs in the original usecode. The game can get confused when you have more than one jawbone. Only one will count at a time. I've attached a savegame file for the original game engine.

    I've noticed this before and thought I put this on the SI Fixes list of things for Marzo to fix but I don't see it. I'll put this in the thread. If I don't get anything to verify something wrong with Exult, I'll move this to the feature request tracker.

  • Malignant Manor

    Malignant Manor - 2012-07-31

    Original game save with the problem

  • Malignant Manor

    Malignant Manor - 2012-08-02
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