#145 UI_add_party_items unk is temporary bool


For UI_add_party_items, the last parameter is whether it is temporary or not.
For UI_add_party_items, it is true if temporary (flour bought at mill), false if permanent (deeds, keys).

On a side note:
For UI_add_cont_items, it is permanent whether if 0x12 (berries picked from bush, items placed on npcs created with UI_create_new_object or UI_create_new_object2), false (wolf meat and keys), or true (scroll on mummy 0x00f4, 0x0398 or items placed on npcs created with UI_create_new_object or UI_create_new_object2)

It seems like it should be 0x12 or true is temporary and false is permanent but is bugged to always be permanent.


  • Malignant Manor

    Malignant Manor - 2010-12-08

    More intrinsic unk thoughts
    UI_remove_party_items unk should be whether to transfer the item to the npc object with false being no. It looks like 0xFE99 was accidently pasted in BG and should be true. It is almost always true except when an item is supposed to be consumed. SI has 0x0012 for taking cheese, apparatus, and fish away and likely should be false. It seems unused in either game.

    The stockings in SI contradicts this though when they are supposed to be destroyed, this is there instead
    UI_remove_party_items(0x0001, 0x02A5, 0xFE99, 0x0000, true);
    Of course, this is also done when a person wants to wear them too.

  • Malignant Manor

    Malignant Manor - 2010-12-08

    UI_remove_cont_items unk, looks to be the same as UI_remove_party_items. It's used 8 times, 5 are would definitely not transfer. The other 3 are filled full of variables.

  • Dominik Reichardt

    • priority: 5 --> 8
  • Marzo Sette Torres Junior

    I implemented UI_add_party_items and UI_add_cont_items. In SI, it seems that UI_add_party_items only sets the temporary flag on items it drops on the floor.

    I see no evidence for the remove versions that they have any special behavior with the flag; ommitting this argument entirely in the originals with custom usecode indicates it never seems to read the parameters, making them useless. Implementing it in any way may cause issues due to the inconsistent way in which the parameters are used, so I will not do so.

  • Marzo Sette Torres Junior

    • assigned_to: nobody --> marzojr
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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