#143 have the game menu gumps visible with night palette


It seems like a bug not being able to see the game menus when the night time palette is used.

This can be fixed by changing the palette index for the the gump background plus text box background and highlight. This did not look very good with the day palette. This could be made better with a separate gump frames or shapes used exclusively for night. A patch is included to show the changes for this other than coding for night/day and renaming or moving the frames onto the existing shapes.

Another option would be using the MENU_FONT which will require a lot of size tweaking in both text height, width, and gump size. This looks okay (although a little off aesthetically at night).


  • night menu gump shapes and Text_button.cc index changes needed for a decent night palette background (no coding for seperate daytime and night)

  • Oh, if using MENU_FONT, you would still need the savegame related shapes changed unless setting the palette to 0 at that gump. It is fullscreen after all and being able to see the screenshots better would likely be a plus.

  • I've got a blue color scheme that doesn't seem too bad for all persistent palettes. The save buttons haven't been done for it yet. I'm not sure how I feel about the check mark box background.

  • Blue Gumps: The save buttons haven't been done for it yet.