#1855 SI: Discipline Shrine Quartz Y-shape trap cancel broken


A couple issues I'm noticing with these:

The depressions themselves are movable, Despite the book saying quart left, obsidian right, the obsidian seems to work (with purple flash animation) and create the bridge on the left, while the one on the right doesn't seem to do anything. Placing the quartz on either side doesn't seem to stop the altar from zapping you. They also seem to stack oddly.
Not a game stopped (once I realized placing the obsidian on the left worked), but just wanted to throw it out there.


  • dale

    dale - 2013-05-17

    Saved with Y shapes on floor in front of pedastal.

  • dale

    dale - 2013-05-17
    • summary: Discipline Shrine Y-shapes --> water
  • dale

    dale - 2013-05-17
    • summary: water --> Discipline Shrine Y-shapes
  • Dominik Reichardt

    • summary: Discipline Shrine Y-shapes --> SI: Discipline Shrine Y-shapes broken
  • Dominik Reichardt

    hmm, according to some walktrhough it is obsidian left and quartz to the right.

    And that's how it seems to work, when you enable egg view. You can see that when you place the quartz one to the left the egg controlling the trap disappears.

    Unfortunately there is the real bug: traps with controlling eggs don't work correctly - see https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3611405&group_id=2335&atid=102335 :(

  • Dominik Reichardt

    • summary: SI: Discipline Shrine Y-shapes broken --> SI: Discipline Shrine Quartz Y-shapes trap cancel broken
  • Dominik Reichardt

    • summary: SI: Discipline Shrine Quartz Y-shapes trap cancel broken --> SI: Discipline Shrine Quartz Y-shape trap cancel broken
  • Dominik Reichardt

    Savegame of original SI+SS

  • Dominik Reichardt

    Tested and attached an original savegame. Following observed:
    - the depressions are movable in the original but don't show a name when you click on them
    - when you put the y-shapes in the depressions, they stack, so the y-shape is rendered above the depression
    - when you place either y-shape on the west side of the altar you get the purple sparkle and never on the east side - Exult mimics this correctly.
    - it is indeed obsidian to the west and quartz to the right

    So what we do wrong is:
    - stacking order rendering
    - showing name of the depression
    - no turning off the trap with the crystal y-shape placed on the east side of the altar

    What I didn't know before if you start SI with
    "serpent manimal (s)"
    you go into debug mode instead of just cheat mode and you can view eggs.

  • Dominik Reichardt

    If I change data/si/shape_info.txt in %%section framenames, line 690, to


    the shape name of the depression is at least not shown.

    Last edit: Dominik Reichardt 2013-05-29
  • Dominik Reichardt

    Analysis of the render sort problem of the y-shape placed on top of the y-depression at http://log.usecode.org/exultlog.php?log=27May2013

    in Game_object::compare in objs/objs.cc
    the compare result is 0 ("don't care")
    and then we are stuck on chunks.cc

  • Dominik Reichardt

    • Group: --> Unimplemented
  • Marzo Sette Torres Junior

    I added one hack to fix the ordering of the Y shapes relative to the Y depressions, and another hack to fix the draggability of Y depressions. The latter makes the Y shapes not draggable (and not clickable, really) unless there is nothing between it and the floor. This is to allow you to drag the Y shapes from above the Y depressions, otherwise you would drag the latter.

  • Marzo Sette Torres Junior

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • assigned_to: Marzo Sette Torres Junior
  • Marzo Sette Torres Junior

    With a new hack added, this is is "fixed" for now; until we fix this in a more comprehensive way.


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