#1833 Light level does not update properly

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Timo Takalo

When getting close to a light source in darkness, the light level on screen does not update until you get very close to the light or do something else which causes the screen to be refreshed. For instance, I noticed that the lighting level is fixed if I press escape to bring up the game menu. I attached a screenshot from an example with this situation. Notice how there is a lit torch quite close to the Avatar.

I am using snapshot from 2013-01-21 currently, but I noticed this glitch with a previous version.


  • Alex Meltinus

    Alex Meltinus - 2014-07-20

    Similar issue here, newest version of Exult and Keyringmod:
    The light doesn't seem to actualize it's levels (it had four in UVII?) properly in the manner it does in UVII under dosbox.

    • If I get near a building at night, it automatically "jumps" to the brightness state as if I am in the building.
    • There are no more finer grades in environment lightning: If I light some candles in a dark room at night, there seem to be no different light levels dependent on how many candles I lit. Just two levels.
    • If I approach a burning lamp at night, there are not four different states of brightness, slowly building up until I stand under the lamp anymore. There seems just to be "dark" and "bright".
  • Dominik Reichardt

    • status: open --> closed-duplicate
  • Dominik Reichardt

    duplicate of #1811


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