#1764 Notebook entries multiply on viewing

Rendering (151)

When you enter notes and you open close the notebook rapidly (either by ESC or left click) the notes will show more often (when you click on the upper right edge of the notebook where the earmark is when there is more text).
Not sure why this happens and the notes are not actually duplicated in the xml file. This state survives reloading the game but not restarting Exult.

I have also a patch in the patch tracker to make the autonotes part of the gameflx and toggleable through the misc game options. though that patch has some issues as described there.

I'm assigning this to you Jeff, maybe you got time to look into this.


  • Dominik Reichardt

    • summary: Notebook entrie multiply on viewing --> Notebook entries multiply on viewing
  • Jeff Freedman

    Jeff Freedman - 2012-11-10

    Funny, but I think this bug has been around for years.

  • Jeff Freedman

    Jeff Freedman - 2012-11-10
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Dominik Reichardt

    Yes, as far as I could tell it has been there for quite some time :)
    It just didn't show at much unless you really messed with the autonotes and tested stuff over and over :)
    Thanks for fixing this.


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