#1715 MT-32: sysex is not delayed properly (exc. buffer overflow )

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MT-32: sysex is not delayed properly (exc. buffer overflow )

It needs an extra delay of
(length + 2) * 1000 / 3125

There's two spots in LowLevelMidiDriver.cpp that need this added. These are lines 1053 and 1559. I can fix the first but I don't know how to get the length at line 1559.

See http://scummvm.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/scummvm?revision=47336&view=revision

There's a person having this issue with their old MT-32 here.


  • colourles

    colourles - 2011-01-01

    Will fix, but wont do it exactly as seen in the ScummVM.

    Forcing a delay directly after a sysex send can unnecessarily cause the midi play thread to become unresponsive to commands from the main engine thread. That is undesirable for a few reasons.

    Will change things so a correct length delay will be used to hold the thread from sending further data only if its required,

  • colourles

    colourles - 2011-01-01
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  • Marzo Sette Torres Junior

    This could be the cause of bug 3300027.

  • Dominik Reichardt

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