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Roadmap (1)
Mr. X

Past releases

Version 0.7

New Features:
  • New performance level 4: Use high-resolution textures for Skybox (default is still level 3)
  • Support resolution and fullscreen change without restart
  • Partially rewritten menu GUI, same look but more usability features (for example: improved keyboard navigation)
  • Organize courses in groups
  • Translatable course names and descriptions
  • Use SFML2 instead of SDL as multimedia library
    • Removed FTFont library, no direct dependency to FreeType anymore (used by SFML, however)
    • Large speedup, reduced memory footprint (especially outside races)
  • Continued code cleanup: Removed more redundant code, further conversion to modern C++ (and C++11)

Version 0.6

Initial version of restarted development.

  • The list of changes is incomplete, since we don't really know all changes since last release of old development team
  • New build systems
    • Autotools for Unix-like systems (Linux, ...)
    • Visual Studio solution + WiX installer for Windows
  • Cleanup code: Remove redundant code, use modern C++

Planned releases

Version 0.8

New Features:
  • Use colors to indicate how much time is left and how much herings are necessary to reach the next level (events mode)
  • Compressed all images with OptiPNG, requiring SFML 2.3 now


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