Contrib courses from "extremetuxracer-extras" package

Mr. X
  • Mr. X

    Mr. X - 2014-07-09

    I remember that someone asked for the contrib courses from the debian package "extremetuxracer-extras" in the old forum. If I remember correctly, it was a blocker for debian to release ETR 0.6. These courses are stored in a different format, but conversion seems to be rather easy. I successfully tried it with the course "Bronze Set". Before we can commit such changes, following things need to be done:
    1) Should we integrate them to the default ETR? I would prefer to do it this way (since it will be easier to deploy them also for Windows). Otherwise the extremetuxracer-extras package needs to be updated. Opinions?
    2) To keep the size of the course lists maintainable, I would like to split it into several pieces (e.g. put these extras course into another group than our current default courses). Additional advantage would be, that any extension to the course list does not need to modify the existing courses.lst and could instead provide its own. Before continuing to convert courses, I will work on this task.

  • Cedric Heintz

    Cedric Heintz - 2014-07-12

    I dont know, never heard about that "extremetuxracer-extras" package before today.
    Will look into that.

  • Marko Lindqvist

    Marko Lindqvist - 2014-07-30

    I think they can be part of etr. The distributions split it to packages as they wish anyway.

    The format is still identical in 0.6 -branch and development branch, isn't it? So there would be not much extra work in adding them to 0.6 -branch too and release 0.6.1. Freeze date for next Debian (Jessie) is 05-Nov, so there would still be chance to get such an 0.6.1 release included.


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