v 4.4.0

It's been a while, but a new version of extrema is finally released.

The parameter errors displayed on the resultant graph of the FIT gui are now set to the usual standard error (E1) instead of the reduced standard error (E2).

Added new general characteristics: BACKGROUNDCOLOR and BACKGROUNDFILE. The background of a graphics subwindow can now be set to a solid color or to a png image. Use SET BACKGROUNDCOLOR to set the background color for the current graphics subwindow (as chosen with the WINDOW command). Use SET BACKGROUNDFILE to set the background to a png image.

Added new general characteristics: ARROWHEADWIDTH and ARROWHEADLENGTH. Use SET ARROWHEADWIDTH to set a scale factor to be applied to the head width of any arrows drawn with the FIGURE command, while SET ARROWHEADLENGTH applies to the head lengths. For example, to have arrow heads twice the width of the default, enter SET ARROWHEADWIDTH 2.

Posted by Joe Chuma 2009-09-27

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