#3 cleaner install/uninstall mechanism


The one thing that's preventing me from installing
and testing this is that the uninstall script seems
hand-generated -- if it happens to miss an update,
then an uninstall would leave unintended files around.

Is there a way for you to generate a packing list or
bom of the contents of the package, and then remove
based on that? I'd be ready to download and test the
driver if the removal process was a bit more linked to
the package receipt in this manner, rather than by
what appears to be a hand-updated file.

I do appreciate the inclusion of this script.


  • Brian Bergstrand

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    I thought of this, but parsing the output of lsbom would be a major
    PITA (especially determing what is a directory or file). It was
    much easier to write a shell file.

    Of course, if Apple provided an uninstaller that used package
    reciepts life would be much easier. I really don't understand why
    they don't do this.

    I understand your concern, and it would make things easier for me
    to use the bom, but until Apple provides the tools to do so, it won't

  • Brian Bergstrand

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  • Brian Bergstrand

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  • Daniel Gimpelevich

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    How safe would it be to use DesInstaller?


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