cannot mount -- canceled automount

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I cannot mount an ext3 filesystem under Panther.
    The disk mounts fine under Linux.

    pulque:/sbin sthomps$ fsck_ext2 /dev/disk1s1
    e2fsck 1.34 (25-Jul-2003)
    /dev/disk1s1: clean, 4879/9781248 files, 16074471/19531015 blocks

    pulque:/sbin sthomps$ mount_ext2 /dev/disk1s1 /Volumes/MP3/
    mount_ext2: canceled automount on /dev/disk1s1 on /Volumes/MP3: Operation canceled

    Is there some kind of automounter inhibiting me from manually mounting this disk?  I first tried the ext2 system preferences utility, but it silently does nothing when told to  mount this disk.


    • Brian Bergstrand

      You've enabled the "Don't Automount" option for the filesystem in question. To re-enable automounting, open the pref pane, highlight the partition and click on the options button. Then uncheck the "Don't Automount" checkbox. The filesystem should now mount.

      You can also diasable the pref pane settings with the '-x' argument to mount. So the following would work on a one-time basis:

      mount_ext2 -x /dev/disk1s1 /Volumes/MP3/


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I was able to manually mount it like that,
      but there is no Options button in my pref pane.
      I'm running 1.1.1.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      There is an Options panel now.  There wasn't a minute ago.

      • Brian Bergstrand

        For future reference:

        The Options button only appears when an Ext2/3 filesystem is selected. It will disappear when any other filesystem type is selected.

    • Nobody/Anonymous



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