Connecting a TiVo Drive?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Has anyone used ext2fsx to mount a TiVo drive? Some partitions are ext2, but the PC Linux folks all mention that the  partition table uses 'Mac Partitions' . I would think this wouldn't be a problem for a Mac, but I don't really know...

    They all have to patch their kernal to recognize this partition table (an example is at\) I know I could just stick it in my Mac and see what happens, but I'd really rather not screw up my TiVo drive if this could possibly cause damage...

    So, any success stories? Thanks!

    • Brian Bergstrand

      Mac partition tables are handled natively by the OS X kernel. I think Tivo uses a PPC CPU and therefore some PPC distro (Yellow Dog? Debian?). The PPC distros usually use the Mac partition table to maintain compatbility with the Mac OS.

      Upshot, there should be nothing special needed to mount a Tivo drive on OS X (except for the Ext2 driver of course). In fact, I know of an Apple employee who has been doing just this since the first 1.0d3 release a year ago.

      As for damage, that is always possible, but the 1.1.1 driver has been very stable in my experience (and for others too).


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The Series 1 TiVos were PPC, the current Series 2 are MIPS based, but I'm fairly certain the file systems are the same.

      I'll give this a whirl and report back if it works.

      Thanks for the quick response.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It worked great! Wonderful. Thanks!



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