Can't mount ext2 partition

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I recently installed Ubuntu 6.06 onto my iBook and I can't access its partition with Ext2FS.  When I try to mount it, ExtFS suggests that I use Disk Utility to check for errors on the volume and the partition fails to mount.  However, when I launch Disk Utility, I can only find the Mac OS X partition and the swap partition.  The Ubuntu partition is formatted in the ext2 file system. (I set the name and label of the Ubuntu volume as "Linux HD" and enabled the boot flag for it when I created the partition in the Ubuntu Flight 5 installer)

    • Brian Bergstrand

      What does ExtFS Manager report for partitions?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The error is similar to that in this thread:
      However, I am unable to mount the partition in Terminal(my partition is disk0s4 and I used /Volumes/Linux HD for the mount point.

      I have recently had to repartition the entire drive and the partition shows up fine now, although could that be because it has no data as of yet, because neither the partition's name or label is "Linux HD," or because it is now disk0s2?

      • Brian Bergstrand

        You could try the suggestion in my last post of the thread you linked to. That's the only thing I can think of that's causing the problem. Or try passing '-x' to mount_ext2fs.


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