Writing with TextEdit causes System Crash

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    after some successfull writes with command line tools and copying files i tried to edit files with TextEdit which causes a system crash. I first thought it was because the file was opened from the finder, but the same happens when using open to launch text edit. Other editors (I tied smultron) freeze when trying to write. The volume cannot be unmounted afterwards.

    • Brian Bergstrand

      I'll need to see the panic.log file. Also, what OS version? Intel or PPC? How big was the file?

      You may also want to give the updated driver in the following thread a try:


    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I allready used the updated driver. I have a macbook (Intel, MacOS X 10.4.7). The file was small (10 byte)

      here is the panic.log

      Tue Sep  5 23:38:00 2006
      panic(cpu 1 caller 0x3ABF4C06): -ve blkno in ext2_blktooff
      Backtrace, Format - Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack)
      0x24ae3328 : 0x128b5e (0x3bc46c 0x24ae334c 0x131bbc 0x0)
      0x24ae3368 : 0x3abf4c06 (0x3ac185b0 0x3ac1841c 0x214 0x3ac185a0)
      0x24ae3398 : 0x1d8cc0 (0x24ae33bc 0x3f7b000 0x1000 0x0)
      0x24ae33e8 : 0x1b4fdd (0x3f3f4a4 0xffffffff 0xffffffff 0x24ae3460)
      0x24ae3488 : 0x3ac161e1 (0x3f3a108 0x24ae34d8 0x0 0x3ac02eb4)
      0x24ae34b8 : 0x1d8e5c (0x24ae34d8 0x4 0x24ae34e8 0x36f029)
      0x24ae34e8 : 0x1b68a7 (0x364adf40 0xffffffff 0xffffffff 0x400)
      0x24ae3528 : 0x1b6b05 (0x400 0x0 0x0 0x1)
      0x24ae3548 : 0x3abf1ec6 (0x3f3f4a4 0xffffffff 0xffffffff 0x400)
      0x24ae35b8 : 0x3ac040a9 (0x3f3f4a4 0xfffffce0 0xffffffff 0x24ae3630)
      0x24ae3718 : 0x3ac13d05 (0x3f3f4a4 0x24ae3efc 0x24ae3f4c 0x24ae3f4c)
      0x24ae3848 : 0x1d960f (0x24ae3b94 0x24ae3cb6 0xc 0x1d74a0)
      0x24ae3be8 : 0x1cd6cb (0x3f3f4a4 0x3f707bc 0x24ae3efc 0x3f3f4a4)
      0x24ae3f78 : 0x36de6c (0x3d841f4 0x3701a6c 0x3701ab0 0x0)
      0x24ae3fd8 : 0x197ff3 (0x3cdbca8 0x3cdbca8 0x34b9d000 0x24ae3290) No mapping exists for frame pointer
      Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0xbfffd9a8
            Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies):

      Kernel version:
      Darwin Kernel Version 8.7.1: Wed Jun  7 16:19:56 PDT 2006; root:xnu-792.9.72.obj~2/RELEASE_I386


      thanx a lot

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It does the same thing to my system
      OS X 86 10.4.8
      it was a 2k file

      Will post my panic log when I boot back into OS X

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      My kernel panicked after using an iTunes library from the Linux partition. Crashed when I opened the library up.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It's the same panic message as I had on delete/empty trash in my post from 15 Jul, "System crashes when write enabled on 10.4.10". OS X 10.4.10, PPC, ext2fsx_dev 1.4d4.



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