• hewhocannotbenamed

    I want to partition a CF card for Linux.  I've been able to browse and edit files in the existing ext2 file system, so I know this works, but now I want to start over.  The card is recognized when I put it in the PCCard adapter and plug into my powerbook.

    myhost:/dev mls$ fdisk /dev/disk1
    fdisk: /dev/disk1 is not a character device or a regular file

    Do I need to mount it differently, or have I reached a limitation here?  Any help would be appreciated.

    • Brian Bergstrand

      fdisk is telling you the problem: the device is not a character device. Try /dev/rdisk1

    • hewhocannotbenamed

      Thanks!  Obviously my *nix skills are pretty rusty...

      As an aside, I see in the readme file that you take donations a couple of ways.  Will you also be accepting donations through sourceforge in the future?

    • Brian Bergstrand

      I won't be setting up Sourceforge donations anytime soon. I don't really want to deal with another payment processing system. In fact,  I prefer Amazon items from my wish list to actual monetary donations.


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