2 quick questions

  • jab

    jab - 2005-11-19

    1. I am eagerly awaiting Tiger support. Is it possible to subscribe to a mailing list which would let me know when it's available?

    2. I am most interested in mounting an ext3 drive read/write. I found this thread (http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=855111&group_id=64713&atid=508409) which suggests this is not possible until the project adds ext3 support. Can anyone confirm that?


    • Brian Bergstrand

      1) Sign up for the release notification e-mails. This can be done from the project page by clicking on the little email icon for a package. The first Tiger releases will be under the dev package.

      2) R/W has been supported since the 2nd or 3rd dev release 18 months ago. That bug tracker you posted is simply about a warning  that occurs on Linux after using the disk on OS X. It's not critical, and does not cause any harm.

      • jab

        jab - 2005-11-19

        Thanks, I'm now monitoring the ext2fsx_dev package. Look forward to its release.


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