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backing up in a ext3 external drive

  • seb

    seb - 2004-08-25


    I have just borrowed an external disk Maxtor one
    touch 250GB formatted with ext3 (from an linksys
    NSLU2 NAS). I would like to backup my laptop files
    and make a clean OSX install and then retrieve them

    Sorry for the type of my question. Can I trust the driver since it
    is an ext2 one? There is no problem writing and then
    reading it back right?


    • Brian Bergstrand

      ext3 is backwards compatible with ext2. When you mount with an "ext2 only" driver, the ext3 journal is simply ignored.

      The OS X driver is stable, and fully read/write compatible. Be aware though, there seems to be some problems with certain USB drives (read the USB threads in this forum), so if possible use Firewire.


    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Yes I have seen the USB threads, that is why I am asking.
      I am planning to use the drive through firewire.

      There is no limitations of the type of files, length etc, right?

      thanks again!!!

      • Brian Bergstrand

        No limitations, other than device files probably won't work because OS X has a different device layout. As for length, files > 2GB are supported.

        USB works sometimes, but sometimes it doesn't -- it seems to depend on the specific hardware device. Firewire and IDE always work.


    • seb

      seb - 2004-08-30

      Hi, again,

      I just installed it and it works perfectly!!!

      many thanks!!!!


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