nfs share an external firewire disk

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I just installed a 200G external disk on an 10.2.8 box
    through the firewire interface with the ext2 filesystem
    and it rocks :)

    The only trouble I have is that I cannot nfs export
    the disk. I am always getting a permission denied
    message. I am sure that I am setting up correctly
    the files.

    Someone told me that osx does not share attached
    storage because it is not considered local. Do you have
    any idea on how I can overcome this problem? Is the
    ext2 filesystem related at all?


    • Brian Bergstrand

      nfs exporting is not currently supported. This is mentioned in the Readme file. Support is planned for a future release, but I can't say when that will be.


    • Nobody/Anonymous



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