where to start to implement Tiger support

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I am going to have  a go at implementing Tiger support. I just checked out the source from cvs and I am starting to look at it. I understand that some interfaces were changed from 10.3 to Tiger, could someone please tell me more details about these changes?


    • matt

      matt - 2005-09-18

      from what version of 10.3  is the change?  i was using it and then it quit working after some version in 10.3  and havent been able to use it since.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I got OSX 10.4.3 on X86.

      I'm going to check out cvs and see if it works ;)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Could yo give me some tips about compiling ? I don't know Mac OS at all !

      • Brian Bergstrand

        Compiling and actually working are two different things, and if you don't know the Mac OS then trying to compile and use the code in its current state will surely give you fits. Unless you are comfortable with live kernel debugging and post-mortem panic debugging, then the current state of the code is pretty useless.

        Having said that, the build instructions are included in the Build.rtf file in the root directory. It hasn't been updated for Tiger yet, but most things should still apply. One caveat, the kernel headers included with the project are no longer needed.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Is there any more progress done on ext3 support for tiger?

      • Brian Bergstrand

        What exactly are you looking for? Journal support? Extended attribute support? Something else?

        Journal support will probably never happen, and there aren't any plans for other ext3 features right now.

        • Brian Bergstrand

          Oh, sorry, you were asking about Tiger support, not ext3 support. Tiger is kind of stalled right now. The code changes have been made, but I've not done any testing yet.


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