Is it possible to mount and access EXT3 journaled disks via Ext2FS_1.4d4.dmg on 10.4.11?
Doesn't seem to work for me.

Saw on this site that this doesn't work from 10.4.8 onward....

"3. EXT2FS, the utility mentioned in the review at
is broken with 10.4.8 with respect to mounting EXT3 Journaled drives - disks will show in the prefernce pane but cannot be mounted. USB or Firewire has nothing to do with it. So I have to asssume that Toms Hardware reviewer used an older version of Mac OS X
(which I dont have) or I'm missing something."

from http://forums.linksys.com/linksys/board/message?board.id=Network_Storage&message.id=349