Spotlight crashes OSX when Ext3 drive mounted

  • McClie

    McClie - 2006-03-04

    I consistently get a kernel crash (the black box in the middle of the screen telling me that I need to shutdown the computer using the power button) when I run Spotlight and there is an ext3 partition mounted. I tries to use Spotlight prefs to make the ext3 partition private (i.e., Sotlight will ignore it), but nothing happens. I can however make an HFS+ OSX partition private on the same drive. I have now set the ext2 prefs to no automounting. There is no crash if the ext3 partition is not mounted.

    Nothing other than Spotlight is causing a kernel panic.

    Due to the increasing bloat of Apple software (iLife and iWork), I have to run OSX (Tiger; 10.4.5) from an external firwire drive. My iBook G4's 30GB hdd is shared between Debian GNU/Linux (10GB) and an HFS+ partition (17GB) without an OS.

    Is this experience shared by others testing the Tiger version?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Same here.

      I've got two distros installed on a g4 powerbook.  I"m going to have to uninstall because, while I didn't think I used spotlight frequently, the kernal panics resulting from usage are interupting my day.

      This is a great idea and I will follow it's development.  I'm happy to send in crash reports if the developer needs them.

      • Brian Bergstrand

        Yes, please open a bug report and attach the panic files. I can't do anything about them without the proper info.


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