10.4.9 incompatible

  • HDT

    HDT - 2007-04-01

         After I let OS X install the 10.4.9 update, it wouldn't reboot.  After a little probing, I found that it was hanging when it loaded ext2fs.  I moved those files to a temp directory and OS X booted just fine.

         Anyone else NOT seeing this (which would suggest that I should just re-install ext2fs)?

    • Anonymous - 2007-04-07

      I don't have this issue and am running 10.4.9 (intel)

    • osoroco

      osoroco - 2007-04-14

      I just installed ext2fs on my ibookG4 and can't mount any ext2 volume I try to make on my ubuntu machine with mkfs.ext2
      note this is a first time install and running OS X 10.4.9

    • Sandb

      Sandb - 2007-04-21

      The readme mentions:

      Mac OS X 10.2.0 through 10.3.x. Mac OS X 10.0.x, 10.1.x and 10.4.x or higher are not supported.

      so it seems 10.4.9 is a 10.4.x, and thus not supported. Would be nice if it was though...

    • Sandb

      Sandb - 2007-04-21

      Sorry, stupid me,

      - ext2fsx version 1.3, PPC, supports 10.2.x and 10.3.x
      - ext2fsx version 1.4d4, Universal supports 10.4.x, and so supposedly should be working fine for you


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