John Musbach - 2007-05-30

Just wanted to thank you greatly for your development and continued support of this great addition to Mac OS X. Had you not so kindly donated your time to create this program I would've been absolutely stuck. You see, a friend had given me a UFS formatted HD with some software on it for me because we believed that due to UFS being a format option in Disk Utility and Mac OS X's core being BSD that Mac OS X would support the mounting of bsd ufs formatted hard drives. However it turned out that we were wrong, Mac OS X supports UFS but only *Apple* UFS. So with the use of knoppix to get the files off the ufs drive and onto a ext2 formatted hd and then with the use of your Mac OS X addon to copy the files from a ext2 hd to a hfs+ formatted hd I have been able to rescue the files. I am very happy and greatful that you have decided to take time out of your life to develop this great addon for Mac OS X and hope that you continue to actively support this project. Thank you so very much! :)